Tenuta Nobiltron is one of the first organic farms in Verona.

The Grigolato family, led by the young and enterprising Michael, decided from the beginning to embrace, in addition to the organic method, also the Biodynamic method, for vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees (cherries, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, plums, caki, apples and pears).

Over the years Michael Grigolato has attended several Biodynamic courses held by agronomist Adriano Zago.

The intent is to fortify the land with natural methods and to preserve the health of those who work and visit the farm.

Preservation of vitality

Preservation of vitality

The preservation of the vitality and productivity of the soil inextricably depends on the close link between heaven and earth, mutually influenced by cosmic and lunar rhythms.
Limiting external interventions to the maximum and promoting biodiversity, allows to obtain unique and unrepeatable products, because they are pure expression of the territory of origin, healthy and natural.

In this perspective, the following practices must be respected in the best possible way:

  • Application of the preparations horn manure (500) and horn silica (501) on all accessible surfaces.
  • Green manure carried out in the vineyard in alternating rows with sowing of mixtures of grasses and legumes.
  • Promote diversified productions, protecting the complexity of the plant and animal world.
  • Formation of a living soil thanks to the activity brought about by humus and through proper tillage.

"In biodynamic agriculture, the central element is the Human; the quality of his LOOK, his power of PERCEPTION, the ability to formulate a JUDGMENT and act accordingly lead to a lasting balance of the farm."

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